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Working hand in hand with the world's most successful brands has given us the opportunity to learn from the best talents and leaders who are experts from various industries.


BEEHIVE L10N is a leader in the legal translation industry with more than 15 years of experience. We have provided support on thousands of complex legal matters. Corporations, attorneys and legal professionals rely on our on-time quality services. Our teams of professional linguists provide accurate translations in a broad range of legal fields.


The financial industry has never been more regulated. Governments are pushing constant changes and require corporations to stay updated and to follow specific standards, the whole process can be overwhelming. BEEHIVE L10N accurately translates documents like SEC filings, financial reports and business correspondence in more than 75 languages. Our professional linguists have extensive knowledge in the financial industry and will successfully work on any project no matter the complexity.

Life Sciences

BEEHIVE L10N provides solutions for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We are aware of the regulation challenges companies face all across the globe. With years of experience servicing the largest medical organizations, BEEHIVE L10N has the expertise and to guide your company through any type of international regulatory or standards hurdle. Our team of highly trained medical linguists will assist you through every step of the process.


BEEHIVE L10N helps you deliver educational content in more than 90 languages to customers, end users and employees. We are leaders in the eLearning industry and have the expert knowledge and proven experience to guide your company to develop the best learning and training programs.

We understand that every training course is different and unique. BEEHIVE L10N’s advanced software and experienced linguists will analyze all your eLearning courses and translate them efficiently and accurately every time.


BEEHIVE L10N provides translation solutions for IT, software, telecommunication and Internet companies. From mobile applications to any type of large complex software or platform, BEEHIVE L10N has a team of experts that will help adapt your project to any market oversees so your company can conduct business around the world with no barriers.

Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry is constantly growing and changing. BEEHIVE L10N helps corporations take their content globally by translating their products into any language. Our professional linguists are experts not just speaking the language but also knowing the culture. They are familiar with the local expressions and references used in different countries. Companies that work with BEEHIVE L10N can have peace of mind knowing that their projects will translate in any language and eliminating the cultural barriers.


BEEHIVE L10N has been helping the best brands reach global consumers and enter foreign markets all around the World with accurate and reliable translation services. With a team of experts and services in more than 75 languages, BEEHIVE L10N provides solutions to the companies working in the consumer products and retail industry. We preserve brand identity and accurately adapt your marketing message into any language and country.

Travel & Hospitality

BEEHIVE L10N helps travel and hospitality companies localize their content in every country. Cultural differences and linguistic nuances are crucial and proper translations are necessary for companies to succeed in the industry. At BEEHIVE L10N, we adapt our client’s products and services to appeal to any type of consumer. Let our expert team of native linguists help your company.